About Questions on DM & Online Course

I get many DMs everyday, and replying all of them.(But sorry if I missed💦)

And in the DMs, I get these messages.

-What is this mean?
-How to say XX in Japanese?
-Please teach me XX(grammar sentence)

Sorry, I’m not teaching on DM. (Please imagine. it takes 24 hours on DM if I do so… I’m not google…)Questions on my posts are welcome though.

However, I want to help these people.


Tickets are available!

I’m thinking of making “tickets” to be your teacher.

The tickets are:

-For Q&A everything you want to know in learning Japanese
-Not on-line lesson(not on videos)
-DMs or e-mails are ok
-I’ll answer all the questions 

-The fee is 5USD for 3 days
-I’ll reply as quickly as possible
You can buy the tickets in a row.

How to buy the ticket?

Please pay the fee here: Buy me a Coffee

Please buy me a “1 coffee”. And let me know on DM when you bought it.


Are you taking online lesson, Mari?

Yes, I’m gradually taking online lessons. I was declining all the requests of online lessons because my health condition was too bad in this summer. But I’m feeling much better! yay!!

The online lessons are:

-On zoom
-From beginner to intermediate level

-Very restrict time: 10:00-12:00 am on JST
-First lesson is free (30min)
-From second lessons, 20USD 10USD for 30min(Now discount!)

Please note that: I’m a very beginner teacher, and I’m learning how to teach Japanese.

Requests are welcome: LESSON REQUEST



Thank you as always, Mari.