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Let’s challenge! Counter words Quiz

There are a lot of counter words in Japanese.

Even Japanese do make mistakes, so please don’t be nervous about this.

I introduce very basic counter words in daily life.


Small things ex) apples, bread, onigiri

We use ‘個’[ko] for small things like apples, bread or onigiri.

1個[ikko] 11個[jyuuikko]
2個[niko] 20個[nijyukko]
3個[sanko] 21個[nijyūikko]
4個[yonko] 30個[sanjyukko]
5個[goko] 31個[sanjyūikko]
6個[rokko] 40個[yonjyukko]
7個[nanako] 41個[yonjyūikko]
8個[hachiko] 50個[gojyukko]
9個[kyūko] 100個[hyakko]
10個[jyukko] 1000個[senko]

Small things above + thoughts, places etc…

We use ‘つ’[tsu] for small things above + thoughts, places, etc.

1つ[hitosu] 11個[jyuuikko]
2つ[futatsu] 20個[nijyukko]
3つ[mittsu] 21個[nijyūikko]
4つ[yottsu] 30個[sanjyukko]
5つ[itsutsu] 31個[sanjyūikko]
6つ[muttsu] 40個[yonjyukko]
7つ[nanatsu] 41個[yonjyūikko]
8つ[yattsu] 50個[gojyukko]
9つ[kokonotsu] 100個[hyakko]
10個[jyukko] 1000個[senko]

It may sound strange but… we use 個 over 10.



We use ‘冊’[satsu] for books.

1冊[issatsu] 11冊[jyūissatsu]
2冊[nisatsu] 20冊[nijyussatsu]
3冊[sansatsu] 21冊[nijyūissatsu]
4冊[yonsatsu] 30冊[sanjyussatsu]
5冊[gosatsu] 31冊[sanjyūissatsu]
6冊[rokusatsu] 40冊[yonjyussatsu]
7冊[nanasatsu] 41冊[yonjyūissatsu]
8冊[hassatsu] 50冊[gojyussatasu]
9冊[kyūsatsu] 100冊[hyakusatsu]
10冊[jyussatsu] 1000冊[sensatsu]

冊 is used for magazines, notebooks as well.(The bunch of paper things)


Pens or bananas

We use ‘本’[hon] for pens or bananas.

1本[ippon] 11本[jyūippon]
2本[nihon] 20本[nijyuppon]
3本[sanbon] 21本[nijyūippon]
4本[yonhon] 30本[sanjyuppon]
5本[gohon] 31本[sanjyūippon]
6本[roppon] 40本[yonjyuppon]
7本[nanahon] 41本[yonjyūippon]
8本[hachihon] 50本[gojyuppon]
9本[kyūhon] 100本[hyappon]
10本[jyuppon] 1000本[senbon]

本 is used for stick things, for example, lips, bottles, umbrellas, a hair, and so on.


Pieces of paper

We use ‘枚’[mai] for pieces of paper.

1枚[ichimai] 11枚[jyūichimai]
2枚[nimai] 20枚[nijyūmai]
3枚[sanmai] 21枚[nijyūichimai]
4枚[yonmai] 30枚[sanjyūmai]
5枚[gomai] 31枚[sanjyūichimai]
6枚[rokumai] 40枚[yonjyūmai]
7枚[nanamai] 41枚[yonjyūichimai]
8枚[hachimai] 50枚[gojyūmai]
9枚[kyūmai] 100枚[hyakumai]
10枚[jyūmai] 1000枚[senmai]


We use ‘着’[tyaku] for clothes.

1着[ittyaku] 11着[jyūittyaku]
2着[nityaku] 20着[nijyuttyaku]
3着[santyaku] 21着[nijyūittyaku]
4着[yontyaku] 30着[sanjyuttyaku]
5着[gotyaku] 31着[sanjyūttyaku]
6着[rokutyaku] 40着[yonjyuttyaku]
7着[nanatyaku] 41着[yonjyūittyaku]
8着[hattyaku] 50着[gojyuttyaku]
9着[kyūtyaku] 100着[hyattyaku]
10着[jyuttyaku] 1000着[sentyaku]

着 is used for T-shirts, one-pieces, gowns end so on.

But, for trousers, we use 本, 枚 for skirts.(Oh no!)



We use ‘足’[soku] for shoes.

1足[issoku] 11足[jyūissoku]
2足[nisoku] 20足[nijyussoku]
3足[sansoku] 21足[nijyūissoku]
4足[yonsoku] 30足[sanjyussoku]
5足[gosoku] 31足[sanjyūissoku]
6足[rossoku] 40足[yonjyussoku]
7足[nanasoku] 41足[yonjyūissoku]
8足[hassoku] 50足[gojyussoku]
9足[kyūsoku] 100足[hyakusoku]
10足[jyussoku] 1000足[sensoku]

1足=one pair.



How was it?

There are more counter words in Japanese. Let’s learn little by little!

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Let’s challenge! Counter words Quiz


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